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New-Comparative-Brain-Wave-Vibration-Study-Shows-Alleviation-for-Depression-and-Insomnia January, 2012
New Comparative Brain Wave Vibration Study Shows Alleviation for Depression and Insomnia
In a study appearing in Volume 2012 of Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine, a team including researchers from the University of London ......
IBREA-Launches-Ilchi-Lee-Brain-Education-Program-in-El-Salvador July, 2011
IBREA Launches Ilchi Lee Brain Education Program in El Salvador
The International Brain Education Association (IBREA) had launched a pilot program in El Salvador to help citizens cope with ongoing violence. If successful, the initiative may be implemented in other areas in the war-torn nation.
Ilchi-Lee-Brain-Association-Offers-Tests-to-See-If-Brain-Education-Improves-Cognitive-Function February, 2011
Ilchi Lee Brain Association Offers Tests to See If Brain Education Improves Cognitive Function
Brain Education organization develops tests to help individuals assess their own cognitive functions and for clinicians to use in the diagnosis and treatment of brain conditions. For yoga and meditation practitioners, tests can demonstrate benefits beyond good health and improved energy.
Third-Annual-Brain-Education-Day January, 2011
Third Annual Brain Education Day
January 3, 2011, New York, New York – To celebrate the third annual IBREA Brain Education Day–proclaimed by New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg on January 8th, 2009......
New-Research-on-Brain-Wave-Vibration June, 2010
New Research on Brain Wave Vibration
Ilchi Lee’s simple moving meditation, Brain Wave Vibration, the signature method of his Brain Education system of training, was recently used in a research study ......