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Ilchi Lee Business

BR Consulting (BRC) was established in November 1998 with the goal of advancing the welfare of all humanity, and is currently operating out of Sedona, AZ, in the United States.

All BRC educational programs and services are based on the enlightenment and philosophy of Ilchi Lee, its founder.

As its core business, BRC develops educational programs related to Brain Education, wellness, growth of consciousness, personal and organizational leadership and innovation, and peaceful cooperation, and provides management consulting for effectively realizing corporate productivity, creativity, and social values.

Following the systematization of Dahnhak training methods based on Korea's native Sundo, BRC has been developing diverse, innovative educational programs, including Brain Respiration in 2002, HSP in 2004, BEST 5 in 2006, Jung-choong Breathing in 2007, Brain Wave Vibration in 2009, and Life Particles and Mind Screen in 2011.

BRC educational programs are currently being implemented worldwide, particularly at Dahn centers in South Korea, the United States, Japan, Canada, Great Britain, Germany, Russia, Hong Kong, China, and Sweden, and are being widely used by corporations, government agencies, nonprofit organizations, schools, and hospitals.

BRC has worked to develop the scientific and academic foundation of Dahnhak and Brain Education programs through research-related cooperation with the Korea Institute of Brain Science (KIBS) and the University of Brain Education (UBE).

BRC also provides educational programs and management consulting services to different franchise businesses. The company has opened franchise centers beginning with DahnWorld Japan in 2006 and Body & Brain Centers in 2008, and, by introducing franchise centers to Korea in 2009, has laid a foundation for accelerating the spread of Brain Education.

BRC is expanding its business as a content provider and consulting service with corporate-education programs such as U-Dap, with children's Brain Education programs such as BR Brain Education and Power Brain Training Centers, and with its restaurants and healing-retail businesses.

BRC has also been working actively to make use of rapidly developing digital and multimedia environments. It continues to invest in publications such as books, CDs, and videos, Internet sites, mobile-content services, and application development.

The company has also been supporting the development of educational facilities in Sedona, AZ, as well as the HSP Ranch in Canada in 2006, Honors Haven in Ellenville, NY in 2007, and the Ise Training Center in Japan in 2008. Along with KIBS and the International Brain Research Association (IBREA), it has also been actively supporting UN efforts to promote international peace.

There have been many mind-body training methods at various times and in diverse cultures, but BRC's popularization, systemization, and development as an international educational content business of mind-body training methods that began in Korea's native Sundo culture is very exceptional. And its creation and development of the humanitarian ideal, which makes realizing public values its corporate raison d'etre, is an achievement of which we can truly be proud. This success was built on the dedication and leadership of BRC founder Ilchi Lee, who has given his whole life to the grand vision of making widespread enlightenment a reality.

To realize our core corporate value, Welfare of All Humanity, BR Consulting will achieve endless innovation and infinite creation. In that process, the teachings and legacy of the founder, Ilchi Lee, will remain for us an eternal lighthouse and compass.

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