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"When you think you’ve reached the end of the road, take one more step. That one step will open a new road before you.” Ilchi Lee

BR Consulting helps clients utilize their brains to the fullest potential in order to discover a valuable new road before them, develop effective and efficient ways to proceed on that road, and access the positive attitudes and behaviors to keep on going in the face of resistance and barriers.

Depending on the needs of the client, BR Consulting offers a process focused on a few steps to covering many steps. The full process of working together with clients involves these steps:

Preparation. BR Consulting establishes a trusting relationship with the client’s key managers. Based on this getting-to-know-each-other step, the quality of communication is enhanced in terms of openness, honesty, sincerity, sensitivity and integrity. Then the systematic and comprehensive and in-depth phase of the conversation can begin in earnest.

Diagnosis. Understanding the client’s situation is the foundation of the BR Consulting process. Goals are identified, problems are described, vision and values are clarified, questions are asked, materials and records are analyzed, and other aspects of the situation are assessed. In short the depth and breadth, seriousness and urgency, opportunity and threats, positive and negative, strengths and weaknesses, quantitative and qualitative, and substance and style of the client’s total situation ? past, present and future ? is seen as an information profile. The diagnosis is created by BR Consulting, and is communicated with the client’s key people. The conversation may go back and forth several times until the diagnosis is completed with the client understanding and agreeing to its content.

Prescription. Based on the content of the diagnosis step, the conversation turns toward BR Consulting formulating a variety of types of proposed solutions, and presenting them to the client. Combing BR Consulting’s long, wide and rich experience with business situations, and the full spectrum of analytical and insightful approaches, the company is able to offer visionary, innovative and actionable prescriptions to the client. The types of prescriptions might include one or more of these approaches: individual manager or management team coaching and training, program or product research and development, website development and marketing, video production and dissemination, book or DVD development and distribution, lectures and training for the customers of the clients, recommendations-implementation support, among others.

Evaluation. At one or more agreed-upon times after the start of the implementation of the prescription, BR Consulting would monitor results, formally evaluate how the prescription has improved the client’s situation, and recommend adjustment in the original prescription.

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