Mission Statement

Global Education

BR Consulting, Inc., a global educational service company, sees a world that is beset by serious problems that threaten humanity and the Earth, and that require innovative solutions. Founded in 1998 by Ilchi Lee and based in Sedona, Arizona, we are determined to provide the professional services needed to make a major difference in the betterment of the world.

We are committed to articulating a new vision for humanity and the Earth in which all people around the world see themselves as Earth Humans and evolve a spiritual consciousness in which advances are made in the health, happiness and peace of individuals, which in turn lead to peace as the global norm, and the development of a human society in harmony with the Earth, its environment and resources.

We strive to tap into ancient principles and develop practical programs and methods that can be used by organizations and people worldwide to realize the new vision as soon as possible.

We offer brain-focused knowledge products (Brain Education) and support services for corporations, nonprofits and transnational organizations (United Nations), around the world.

News & Events

New-Comparative-Brain-Wave-Vibration-Study-Shows-Alleviation-for-Depression-and-Insomnia New Comparative Brain Wave...
In a study appearing in Volume 2012 of Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine, a team including researchers from the University of London ...... (Read More)

IBREA-Launches-Ilchi-Lee-Brain-Education-Program-in-El-Salvador IBREA Launches Ilchi Lee B...
The International Brain Education Association (IBREA) had launched a pilot program in El Salvador to help citizens cope with ongoing violence. If successful, the initiative may be implemented in other areas in the war-torn nation. (Read More)