Brain Education Program Developement
Research & Development
Business Consulting
Brain Related Business

Brain Education Program Development

Program Development

  • Conceptualization of new training program.
  • Design and development of new training programs.
  • Creation of trainer and participants manuals.
  • Revision of existing training programs.
  • Evaluation of training programs.
  • Assessment of the situation and needs for training programs.
  • Education and certification of trainers for training programs.
  • Selection of instructors for training programs.
  • Delivery of the training program.
  • Evaluation of trainees in the programs.

  • Research & Development

    Corporate Strategy

  • Market research, data analysis, and recommendations.
  • Program concept, design, planning, and development.
  • Scientific investigation of programs.
  • Studies of program effectiveness and efficiency.
  • Program documentation, translation, and manual creation.
  • Intangible asset registration and management.

  • Business Consulting

    Business Consulting Company

  • Evaluation and guidance regarding business plans, corporate structure and functions, and resource allocation.
  • Consulting on business functions and corporate strategy.
  • Advising on the establishment of corporations in new business areas.
  • Consulting on development and establishment of business activities in new regional markets.
  • Analysis?of performance by relevant business units and on other bases.
  • Guidance on capital needs, flows, and performance.
  • Development of business intelligence systems.

  • Brain-Related Business

    Brain Education

  • Evaluation and endorsement of brain-focused products and services.
  • Development and support of their promotion (as with’s media service and the Brain Art Festival).
  • Design and implementation of their public relations campaigns.
  • Source of investment capital.

  • News & Events

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    The International Brain Education Association (IBREA) had launched a pilot program in El Salvador to help citizens cope with ongoing violence. If successful, the initiative may be implemented in other areas in the war-torn nation. (Read More)