What We Believe

BR Consulting Company Culture

BR Consulting does its work based on a set of core beliefs, which guide us in serving clients:

We have a responsibility to provide services that benefit the client’s total family of interdependent stakeholders ? including their partners, employees and customers, community and society, all of humanity and the Earth.

It is imperative to develop strategies and organizations, and train people worldwide to realize the sustainability of the Earth’s ecosystems and peaceful coexistence in human society.

Using the Earth as our primary perspective is the only way we can solve the large problems facing the planet and humanity, of which our company and all our clients are part.

True health of individuals, groups, nations and the world is determined by the combination and integration of physical, mental/emotional and spiritual conditions.

The main goals of individuals, groups, nations and the world involve attaining peace, love, harmony, health, happiness, learning and prosperity.

Significantly improving the human condition depends on our having an infinite love and affection for the Earth, and all the life on it.

All areas of society ? government/politics, economy/business, public/nonprofits, culture, religion, arts, sports and the Internet ? need to renew themselves by practicing Earth Management, to resolve the problems facing our planet and humankind.

Successful management involves making numerous and continuous choices; enlightened and egoless leadership is central to this process and its outcome.

In all units of human society ? household, corporate, community, regional, national and global ? management must have effective and efficient visions, goals/objectives, strategies, organization, technology, and human resource management and development.

The dominant historical orientation of all units of human society toward materialism, competition, control and conflict must give way to people regaining their humanity, thus reconnecting them to both their outer nature (Earth) and inner nature (body, mind and spirit).

Humankind will substantially improve its situation when people simultaneously pursue material satisfaction and spiritual satisfaction, which will happen when they discover their own true value as a spiritual and physical being.

Both corporations and nonprofit organizations should behave in ways that benefit the common good, and behave according to the enlightened principles of self-realization and consciousness growth.

Credit, as the basis of human relationships under capitalism, can only be successful for human society when individuals behave with honesty, integrity and responsibility, as they develop and complete their human character, the ultimate goal of success.

Individuals and organizations should be encouraged and supported in going through the process of good to great to holy. Holiness is expressed by going beyond profit-making to increasing the quality of life of other people.

To survive and prosper beyond the average 13-year lifespan, corporations need to be visionary, innovative, people-oriented and spiritual-culture based.

Problems and their solutions, large (global) and small (individual), exist in the human brain.

The human brain has a vast innate potential for creativity that is accessed by utilizing the brain well.

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